‘Promise’ by ‘Damia Izara’ to walk naked in Kuala Besut if BN won by-election goes viral
The Facebook post.
The Facebook post.

BESUT: Netizens are all worked up over a ‘pledge’ by a Facebooker by the name of Damia Izara who ‘promised’ to walk around naked in Kuala Besut if BN won the by-election.

It looks likely that it is just a prank, but the ‘promise’ has gone viral with lots of twitterers asking if it was true and when it would take place.

In the Facebook posting, Damia Izara (it cannot be confirmed if it is her real name or if the profile picture is fake) wrote: “Kalau BN menang di K. Besut sy janji sy akan bogel keliling K.Besut…itu janji sy pada semua yg baca status ni..
If BN wins at K. Besut, I promise I will walk around K. Besut naked…this is my promise to all who reads this.”

One twitterer posted: “damia izara where r u??? 1 Malaysians waiting for you :-P

Another tweeted: “fuyooh cant wait to watch damia izara..”