Poison alert on “Montalin Jamu Pegal Linu dan Asam Urat” & “Bai He Bao Juan Su”
Poison alert
Poison alert

PUTRAJAYA — The Health Ministry has issued a poison alert on two traditional medicines known as ‘Montalin Jamu Pegal Linu Asam Urat’ and ‘Orange Capsules Accompanied’ (Bai He Bao Jian Su in Chinese).

The ministry’s Pharmacy Services senior director Datuk Eisah A.Rahman’Montalin said ‘Jamu Pegal Linu dan Asam Urat’, which is manufactured by PJ. Air Madu Magelang-Indonesia contained Piroxicam and Paracetamol.

She said ‘Orange Capsules Accompanied’ of unknown origin contained scheduled poisons such as Betamethasone valerate, chlormethlazole, chlorpheniramine, famotidine, frusemide and piroxicam,

“They cause symptoms such as face and body swelling, weight gain and drastic spikes in blood sugar levels,”  she said in a statement.

She said the warning on both products was issued by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA) on June 24.

“HSA detected the scheduled poisons in the products after receiving a complaint from a doctor who treated a patient with complications from consuming them,” she added.

The public are advised to refrain from buying traditional products, which are not registered under the Drug Control Authority as they are of dubious quality and safety.

Product status may be determined by contacting the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau at 03-7883 5400 or www.bfpk.gov.my.

Members of the public are also encouraged to report such unregistered products in the market to KKM at 03-7841 3200, nearest pharmacy enforcement branch or email to pharmacy1@moh.gov.my