ROS does not recognise DAP’s CEC
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DAP's logo

KUALA LUMPUR: A letter  from the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has been sent to DAP informing them that its Central Executive Committee (CEC) is not recognised.

Rumours are also spreading that DAP’s accounts have been frozen and it cannot use its logo.

DAP’s election returning officer Pooi Weng Keong and election strategist Ong Kian Ming were supposed to attend an ROS inquiry at 10am today to be conducted by investigating officer Insp Mohd Nawawi Mat. But this has been postponed to May 9.

Malaysiakini reported that DAP is expected to converge an emergency meeting today as it scrambles to deal with the repercussions of the ROS’ decision, and will most likely call for a press conference soon.

DAP leaders, when contacted by Malaysiakini, confirmed receiving a letter from the ROS, but did not specify as to its content.

FMT reported that the letter was sent to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng yesterday and ROS director-general Abdul Rahman Othman said this was due to the dispute surrounding the party elections.

“Until the disputed matters are resolved, the ROS under Section 3A of the Societies Act does not recognise the office bearers in DAP, formed by the CEC on Dec 15, 2012,” he said.

Abdul Rahman also warned that the explanations put forth by the party leadership with regard to the disputed matters must be satisfactory or DAP faced the risk of being de-registered.

Among others, the ROS wanted DAP to submit a list of legitimate CEC members and the steps taken to resolve the disputes within a month.

The letter was also copied to Election Commission chief Abdul Aziz Yusof.

The controversy over the CEC erupted after the CEC election results were announced and not one of the eight Malay candidates won.

On Jan 3, DAP announced that there was a technical error in the vote tabulation and declared defeated candidate Zairil Khir Johari Abdullah as a duly elected member of the CEC.

Zairil, who was in 39th position with only 305 votes in the original results, went up to 20th position with 803 votes. Vincent Wu Him Ven, who was initially elected with 1,202 votes was relegated to 26th position with 669 votes. After that he was appointed to the CEC as a co-opted member.