GE13: Anwar confident of winning six States
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

SINGAPORE: Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is confident of winning six States in GE13.

In an exclusive interview with Channel NewsAsia, he said they include Perak, which the alliance won in the last polls but had to give up after Barisan Nasional staged a ‘coup’, and Negeri Sembilan.

Anwar said there were clear indications that Negeri Sembilan would swing to the opposition.

When asked whether the opposition pact is gaining ground in the first week of campaigning, Anwar replied: “It’s good – in fact what we’re seeing lately from Johor, Sabah, Sarawak is very very reassuring. I’m cautiously optimistic. I believe we can win.”

The coalition is also making inroads into Pahang, Johor and Sabah, he added.

Asked whether the large number of independents taking part in the coming elections would split the votes for the opposition, Anwar said: “This issue cannot be generalised. Look at each constituency.

“Look at Kuala Kangsar – PAS candidate vs BN, then the deputy wanita chief comes in. She’s not going to take the PAS or Pakatan (Rakyat) vote, she’s going to split the UMNO vote. If it’s somebody, for example, prominent in the NGO or prominent among the Pakatan supporters, then we’ll have a problem, like a three-cornered fight which is now resolved.

“That was a problem because you certainly would have the core PAS supporters or the core (Parti) Keadilan (Rakyat) supporters supporting the candidate and therefore split the vote.”

Anwar had said that GE13 would be his last chance to become the country’s prime minister. If he fails, he said: “I’m still young, I’m still healthy, I will still support. It’s not withdrawing… not retiring, (but) I will not take the lead.

“And I think we have prepared the second line, the second parties. They should move on.

“My favourite preoccupation other than politics is of course teaching, and I’ve got some very good offers to teach – not at Universiti Malaya or UITM, of course I would not be allowed, but some top academic institutions overseas.

When asked whether his daughter Nurul Izzah would take over his place, he said: “I am not the king of Keadilan, so I think the democratic process must be respected.”