Kedah police believe they can solve 400 car theft cases with arrest of 53-year-old suspect

ALOR SETAR, March 28 — Kedah police believe they can solve at least 400 car theft cases in the state with the arrest of 53-year-old suspect at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB), here, on Monday.

Kedah CID chief ACP Mohd Nashir Ya said police who were on the look out for the suspect, nabbed him while trying to steal a car at the HSB.

He said the suspect from Jitra who has four children, was believed to have been carrying out his activities since 2008 and targetted old cars parked in hospitals, supermarkets and isolated areas.

Mohd Nashir said with the arrest of the suspect who carried out his activities alone, police recovered five cars, 37 sets of rims and various types of car audio sets.

“After stealing the cars, the suspects will dismantle the radio, rims and other parts that can be sold. He will then park the car along the roadside,” he told reporters at the Kota Setar police headquarters, here, today.

Mohd Nashir said police had also detained two other suspects, aged 24 and 46, believed to be agents for buying the stolen goods.

In an unrelated case, police arrested 30 men and three woman, aged between 22 and 74, who were involved in gambling at a housing estate in Jitra.

He said police also seized RM118,300 cash from the gamblers.-BERNAMA